"In the Dark of the Night" is a song featured in Anastasia as part of the film's soundtrack. It was composed by Stephen Flaherty, and lyrics were written by Lynn Ahrens. The song was performed by Jim Cummings as the singing voice of Rasputin.


In the Dark of the Night, evil will find her!

In the Dark of the Night, Evil will find her!

The song takes place prior to Rasputin being reunited with his magical reliquary. The scene revolves around Rasputin who starts to sing. Multicoloured bug minions soon appear and sing the chorus while Rasputin singes the verses. halfway through the song, Rasputin descends a spiral staircase with the bugs jumping down the steps with him. At the end of the song, Rasputin unleashes thousands of his reiquary minions who fly around the staircase and through the roof, ready to fulfill their dark purpose and for the last of the Romanovs to die.


  • Internet critic, the Nostalgia Critic, ranked this song number 6 on his "Top Ten Villain Songs" list. He stated that the song was upbeat and hard to get out of your head. However, he did not picture this song went great with the dancing bugs during the scene.
  • When Rasputin descends the spiral staircase, the staircase twists and turns many times.
  • In the third and final bug chorus, Rasputin is seen descending his staircase. He randomly picks up his reliquary and holds his other hand underneath it and shakes it. then the reliquary is hanging near Rasputin's shins again. and a moment later it's in his hands again. There is no way it could have went into his hands in that period of time.
  • When the minions fly around the staircase, the staircase looks like a normal spiral staircase, whereas Rasputin was seen moments before descending a long bend of the staircase (see image above). This could imply that there are two towers, and the staircase connects to them.
  • Like many other Don Bluth villain songs, Rasputin is seen descending a staircase. Other villains in the Don Bluth Universe who descend staircases as they sing include, Baba Yaga, Queen Gnorga, and Ludmilla.
    • "In the Dark of the Night" is considered by many people to be the most popular song in the movies. In many musicals, the villain song is often considered the best.