Alexandra Feodorovna Romanov
Appearance(s) Anastasia
Age 37
Song(s) N/A
Voice actor(s) Kelli Rabke
Singing voice actor(s) N/A
Alexandra Feodorovna was the wife of Nicholas II and the mother of Olga Nikolaevna, Tatiana Nikolaevna, Maria Nikolaevna, Anastasia Nikolaevna and Alexei Nikolaevich. She is loosely based on the historical figure of the same name.

Physical appearanceEdit

Despite her brief appearance in the movie, it is said by her mother-in-law, Marie, that her youngest daughter, Anastasia, inherited her looks and beauty.


Before Alexandra married Nicholas and became Empress of Russia, she was Princess Alix of Hesse and the daughter of Grand Duke Louis IV of Hesse and Grand Duchess Alice who was the daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Alexandra, the Empress of All Russia, was assassinated at the hands of Rasputin's revolutionary mob along with her husband and four of her five children in 1916. Her descent from a portrait hanging on the wall at one end of the Catherine Palace ballroom during the musical number "Once Upon a December" constitutes her sole reappearance in the film following this event.


  • Alexandra is one of the three members of the Romanov family to have spoken dialogue, the other being Anastasia and Tsar. Her voice was provided by Kelli Rabke.
  • The purple dress that Alexandra wears during "Once Upon a December" is the same as the one sported by her figurine inside the music box.
  • Her hair experiences great variation in color from scene to scene despite her limited role in the film. In the prologue, for example, it is the same shade of auburn as the 18-year old Anastasia; however, the portrait of the Imperial family depicts it as strawberry-blonde. A third still further discrepancy, this time in the vision Anastasia holds of the past, portrays Alexandra with chestnut hair.
  • According to the film, Anastasia was 8 years old rather than 17 at the time of the revolution. In addition, the film also states that the revolution occurred in 1916 as opposed to 1917. This implies that Alexandra was 37 instead of 46.